Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Ronan!

It was a really fun week as Kieryn had her first softball game on Monday night! She was so excited! GO BRAVES!

Ronan had some hard moments when it got close to the end...

On Tuesday I took the kids to Linear Trail. The morning was cooler, perfect for a bike ride! We started by throwing some rocks of course...


They both did very well! I was surprised that Ronan made it as long or as far as he did. Kieryn could have gone longer... some day I'll take her on a longer ride.

The kids were with Aunt Janell on Wednesday. So we spent a good part of Thursday at the community pool. The kids are really loving the pool time!

 On Friday we woke the kids with what we called their "combined birthday surprise." We drove to Baldwin City to enjoy "Day Out with Thomas"! The kids were so surprised and had such a fun time! We left the house at 7:20am and got home at 4:30pm. What a fun day!

Then on Saturday we celebrated Ronan's 4th birthday with the Caywood cousins and some neighborhood friends. Thank you so much to my parents who were able to come down and help set up for the party!!

The kids decorated some dog bone cookies...

And had lots of fun with the water guns!

 Ronan had a wonderful time! Thank you to all who attended and made his party and his birthday so special!

There was sooooo much sugar on Saturday that we decided to save the cake for Sunday and Monday. So on Sunday we got to blow out candles and sing! Ronan was so excited about his cake!!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! We love you sooo much!!

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